KNOW your fabricator…ask the them to show you there machines and facility!

Charles and Jeremy Waters started out very small with an attitude that that customer comes first.  They fabricated everything by hand which was sufficient at the time.

As they pleased there customers the business keep growing.  This allowed them to be one of the first shops in the area to implement CNC (computer numerically controlled) technology to manufacture countertops.  Our Shreveport facility offers high quality CNC routing and saw technology, computer aided bridge saw and straight line polishing equipment.

CNC equipment is VITAL to the fabrication of natural stone products.  Without this high tech equipment, all of the granite fabrication would have to be done by hand. Hand fabrication is a slower process and is very inconsistent.

Make sure your countertops are being fabricated on site…if not you are jeopardizing quality and will pay a higher price.

This Father and son team has fabricated 1000′s of countertops and will help you with your project through the entire process.   They will personally work with the home owner, designer, project manager, or builder.  Whether it’s a single vanity or there largest project to date…Grambling State University cafeteria…they will make sure the job is done right.